M​irjam Veldhuis

1985 - 1993

Studio, Groningen, 1985

Haarvazen, 1985, 110x40x20 cm.
Ceramics and hair
Collection Province of Groningen (NL)

Blauwe potjes, 1985, 23x10x10 cm. each
Clay and pigment
Private collection (NL)

Drawings of dubbele vazen, 1985, 180x80 cm. each
Conté and pigments on paper, drawing left, private collection 
Right, Dubbele vazen, 1985, 170x40x20 cm. Ceramics

Installation view, 1991
Summer Studio, Frontaal, Appingedam (NL)

Longetjes, 1991, 40x20x10 cm. each
Glazed earthenware